EA doesn't need the NFL letting someone else creating"simulation football

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EA doesn't need the NFL letting someone else creating"simulation football

Сообщение Nanlina » 13 май 2020, 03:44

In doing that, additionally lay all of the groundwork to get an 11v11 game, for example, engine, rosters, depth chart, etc.. If not, you can release a companion game that Madden nfl 20 coins shares all the assets, but you can substitute the roll up and the logos and call it All Professional Football 2K22 or anything (and let modding/editing so players may mod Madden 20 NFL with NFL logos and custom rosters with NFL player titles ) that does 11v11 simulation football.

I really don't believe EA or 2K are bum to be fair. I think the majority of the issues that affect NBA 2K and Madden are it's forced the developers to cater to this subset that is little and that a small percentage of this market spends a substantial amount of money. As a result leaves them less developmental sources to further another"older" facets of Madden 20 NFLs, and that's exactly what causes the majority of the negative feedback already aimed at either on social media.I can totally imagine a situation where 2K begins laying lots of the preparation for when the license becomes available, so they can more easily transition should they do work something out with the NFL. I believe Madden gets the license before EA renews until such as 2030 lmao, through 2021, which would produce the time a little tight. I believe 2K is currently gon na have their hands full building a good soccer game from scratch punctually, and making sure to address the basic issues fans have experienced with Madden for over a decade.

EA doesn't need the NFL letting someone else creating"simulation football" because they know their franchise mode fucking sucks, and directly behind that they know their gameplay glitches are not too far off. They know they've neglected franchise mode for years and just like institutions they would like to put off fixing it as long as you can. If 2k could earn a franchise mode in soccer that was similar to the one they create within their own basketball games, they would crush it.I'd love more in depth contracts. Let me load this dude on a 5 year deal. I would also like to have the ability to sign dudes. Those are not even new items, they're just crap they eliminated in the past couple of years.

A lot of the sports players are gamers, they are Madden/FIFA/NHL/WWE/Whatever fans. It's not applicable to all of them, but a substantial number. They will buy 1 game per year, then play with nothing but that till they trade it in for another iteration and repeat the procedure. So to being up for grabs from anybody, if the NFL license did return, it would nevertheless be Madden since that's exactly what they did this past year, they bought every year. Along with the year before. And the year before. It would take a longlong time of matches that are greater by a rival to make a dent in Madden sales.

I tried this year playing PES, and everything about that game is far better than Fifa, except gameplay. PES gameplay is awful, this is the reason why folks return to Fifa each year.PES gameplay was superior to FIFA for ages. There's only a small number of years in which FIFA has had the gameplay, however they are few and far between. If you would like to play in precisely the exact same manner game after game FIFA is for you. If you want to buy Mut 20 coins play a lively soccer simulator PES is way better.Really attempted playing PES this season but I thought it was dreadful. Gameplay wasn't fluid, a great deal of animation based physics, physics engine that is poor. Just my 2 cents.

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